A few words about us


Our company KETSETZIDIS BROS was founded in Thessaloniki in 1992, by Anestis Ketsetzidis & Alexander Ketsetzidis, with main subject the supplying of parts of mechanical sealing/ seals packings, gaskets. However the founders have been active in the specific area since 1983.

Our products have implementation in the rotary shaft sealing, as in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, the sealing of pumps, valves and generally in any mechanically sealing application. They can be used in a wide range of applications.


  • Machinery: agricultural, earthworks, roadwork (such as tractors, excavators, bulldozers, pumps, concrete and more).
  • Industries: metal processing, wood and paper processing.
  • Plastic industries, building materials.
  • Food industries, liquids & pharmaceutical.
  • Industrial power plants.

Our company imports and distributes best quality products, from well known companies.

To mention a few of these companies:

The main characteristic of the products that we distribute, is their high quality standards and unique endurance and credibility. The companies that we represent, are in close collaboration with leading manufacturers of mechanical and industrial equipments, in order to present the best and latest sealing products. It is not by chance that over 3/4 of the gaskets that are already installed in a number of machines (1st installments), when changed are identified as products of the above companies.

Our aim is the immediate and complete coverage of our customer's needs, with our wide range stock items able to cover even the toughest applications. Our products are always of the specific well known and established companies that abide to the strict storage standards of the EN/DIN-ISO.

We are also in the position to import and provide, in no time at all, any product that we do not have in immediate stock.

We are also in the position to provide you efficiently with any knowledge needed on mechanical sealing.